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Vanessa Lachey Reflects on NCIS: Hawai’i Cancellation: “Gutted and Grateful”

Vanessa Lachey, known for her role as Special Agent Jane Tennant on NCIS: Hawai’i, shared her heartfelt thoughts on the show’s sudden cancellation after three seasons. Making history as the franchise’s first female team leader, Lachey expressed mixed emotions via Instagram, describing herself as “gutted, confused, blindsided,” yet also “grateful, confident, beloved by fans.”

In a recent Instagram post, Lachey posted a serene video by the ocean, reminiscent of a scene from the show’s pilot, reflecting on the end of an era. She shared a poignant message about appreciating their time together and leaving a legacy for future endeavors. Despite the abrupt goodbye, Lachey expressed gratitude to the cast and crew, acknowledging their deep connection beyond the screen.

Co-star Noah Mills, who portrayed Jesse Boone, echoed similar sentiments, reminiscing about the fun and growth experienced on the show in Hawaii. Meanwhile, creators Chris Silber and Matt Bosack thanked the NCIS: Hawai’i team for creating a special bond, or “ohana,” during their time filming on the island.

As the series approaches its finale, airing Monday on CBS, Lachey and her colleagues bid farewell to NCIS: Hawai’i while celebrating the stories and impact they’ve shared with viewers.

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