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Who can mentor the ultimate “NCIS” mentor? Mike Franks (Muse Watson), of course. The leader of the NCIS Major Response Team not only taught Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) much of what he knows, but he also appears as a recurring character from Season 3 to Season 8.

Mike’s significant role in Gibbs’ past makes him a key character in “NCIS: Origins,” the prequel series about young Gibbs’ (Austin Stowell) early days with NCIS. The big question is: Who plays the character who must come across as a believable authority figure to Gibbs, the franchise’s most prominent character?

Ben Turner Dixon played young Mike in the original “NCIS,” but the role in “NCIS: Origins” goes to Kyle Schmid. Schmid has a wealth of experience portraying authoritative figures capable of fieldwork. Here’s a look at Schmid’s background and where you might have seen him before.

Kyle Schmid’s first screen roles date back to 1996, but his breakout role came in David Cronenberg’s 2005 film, “A History of Violence.” Schmid plays Bobby, a high school bully in a movie about a small-town man (Viggo Mortensen) whose violent actions against robbers draw unwanted attention. This role was pivotal for Schmid, leading to more prominent projects.

Schmid further honed his skills in procedural drama with BBC America’s “Copper,” set in New York’s Five Points area in the 1860s. Schmid plays Robert Morehouse, a wealthy friend and former Civil War commander. This role required Schmid to wear detailed period braces to create a convincing limp, showcasing his dedication to authenticity.

From Season 2 to Season 4, Schmid played the recurring character Henry Durham in Syfy’s “Being Human,” the American adaptation of the BBC fantasy drama. Henry starts as a selfless WWI medic who becomes a vampire and evolves into a devious character with a complex relationship with the main character, Aidan.

Schmid continued his trend of complex military roles in “Six,” History’s dramatization of SEAL Team Six’s operations. Schmid plays team member Alex Caulder, a central character. The training for “Six” was intense, involving real weapons and live rounds, which added a layer of realism to the show.

Schmid’s career began with minor and guest roles, including a recurring role in “I Was A Sixth Grade Alien!” However, his career took off in 2005 with multiple projects, including “A History of Violence” and the Vin Diesel comedy “The Pacifier.” In 2007, Schmid starred as Henry Fitzroy in the Canadian vampire procedural “Blood Ties.” He also had roles in shows like “Big Sky” and movies like “Dark Hearts” and “88.”

Schmid is also a prolific guest star, appearing in a wide range of well-known series. His guest roles include a Season 4 appearance on “CSI: Miami,” the telepathic villain Sebastian Kane on “Smallville,” Royal Flush Gang member Ace on “Arrow,” and Detective Noah Foster on “The Rookie.”

Kyle Schmid’s diverse and extensive experience makes him a perfect fit to portray young Mike Franks in “NCIS: Origins,” bringing depth and authority to the character who mentors the legendary Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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