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NCIS: Sydney could not have been released at a better time. Originally slated for Australian audiences only, CBS decided to make it available worldwide after the other NCIS shows were pushed back to 2024. This gives longtime fans new cases to enjoy and introduces a completely new cast of characters.

While the NCIS franchise is known for crossover events, with last year’s multi-part storyline featuring characters from NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii, and NCIS: Los Angeles, this won’t be the case for NCIS: Sydney. The season was filmed during the summer of 2023, coinciding with the Hollywood actors’ strike, which prevented American actors from appearing in scripted TV shows. Therefore, NCIS stars like Gary Cole and LL Cool J could not have participated in the first season of Sydney even if they wanted to.

This might not be a bad thing. Historically, new NCIS shows have established their own identity before featuring crossovers. Too many early cameos could imply that the network doubts the new cast’s ability to attract viewers. This cautious approach is why it took so long to stage a three-part crossover, which felt organic and well-timed, especially with NCIS: Los Angeles wrapping up shortly after.

NCIS: Sydney will have its entire first season to develop its team of investigators. By the time they cross paths with characters like Alden Parker and Sam Hanna, fans will be well-acquainted with the new team and their unique working style. We’re excited for a crossover when it eventually happens, but we’re happy to wait until the time is right.

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