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NCIS Shock: Kate Todd’s Death and Legacy Explained

Kate Todd’s tragic demise in the NCIS Season 2 finale, “Twilight,” remains one of the show’s most memorable moments. Killed by Ari Haswari, Ziva David’s half-brother, Todd’s exit came after Sasha Alexander decided to leave due to the demanding filming schedule.

Despite her departure, NCIS continues to reference Todd and her murder, with Alexander even reprising her role in Season 3’s opener. Initially introduced as a Secret Service agent involved in thwarting an assassination plot, Todd joined Gibbs’ team at NCIS after being dismissed for fraternizing with a colleague.

Known for her strong personality and skill in psychological profiling, Todd quickly became integral alongside Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abby, and Ducky. Her death left a lasting impact on the show and its characters, marking a pivotal moment in NCIS history.

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