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Mark Harmon’s Stance on Sick Days Revealed by NCIS Co-Star

In a revealing moment on the “Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch” podcast, Cote de Pablo disclosed Mark Harmon’s strict stance on sick days during their time on NCIS. According to de Pablo, Harmon emphasized that cast members should show up on set even if feeling unwell.

Reflecting on an incident from NCIS Season 3 when she was battling a high fever, de Pablo recalled how a doctor advised her to stay home. Despite this, she decided to follow the doctor’s orders, only to be met with Harmon’s firm insistence that she should have come to set. He reportedly told her, “You come to set, we decide when you’re sick.”

De Pablo described Harmon’s approach as kind yet stern, emphasizing his belief that presence on set was crucial before determining how to handle illness. This revelation sheds light on Harmon’s dedication to maintaining the show’s continuity and operations amidst health challenges faced by the cast.

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