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NCIS: Hawai’i Cliffhanger Could Still Tie Back to NCIS Original Series

NCIS: Hawai’i left fans hanging with a major cliffhanger after its abrupt cancellation in April. Despite the disappointment, there’s hope that Jane Tennant’s unresolved storyline might find closure in the original NCIS series.

Vanessa Lachey’s character, Jane Tennant, could potentially return not for job-related reasons, but to explore a budding romance with NCIS team member Nick Torres. Their hinted chemistry from previous crossovers suggests a possible reunion.

If Jane joins the main NCIS team, it could also coincide with potential changes in leadership, especially if Jessica Knight departs in season 22. This move would offer Jane a chance to wrap up her storyline satisfactorily, even if she doesn’t become a lead character.

NCIS season 22 is scheduled to premiere on CBS this fall.

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