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### NCIS Season 22: Solving the Knight and Palmer Dilemma

The latest NCIS season finale left the relationship between Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer in uncertain terms. While the show is known for its gripping police procedural storylines involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel, it also excels at portraying strong interpersonal relationships among its cast. When Katrina Law’s character, Knight, revealed she was leaving in the NCIS season 21 finale, her relationship with Palmer was thrown into jeopardy.

### Knight’s Big Move

In the finale, Knight accepted a new NCIS position in California, far from her current team and boyfriend Jimmy Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen. Given Knight’s ambition, her move makes sense, even though it mirrors the many exits of characters from NCIS over the years. However, this departure raises significant questions about Palmer and the fate of the beloved NCIS couple.

### A Potential Resolution

As NCIS season 22 approaches, the challenge of resolving the Knight-Palmer dilemma isn’t easy. Heartbreak seems inevitable with every possible answer, but there is a way to address it satisfyingly.

### Long-Distance Love

One potential solution is to explore a long-distance relationship between Knight and Palmer. This would allow both characters to pursue their professional ambitions while maintaining their bond. By depicting the challenges and triumphs of a long-distance relationship, the show can add depth to their characters and their love story.

### A New Beginning

Alternatively, Knight’s move could lead to a new storyline where Palmer decides to join her in California. This shift would introduce fresh dynamics and characters to the show, reinvigorating the series with new challenges and environments.

### Conclusion

Regardless of how the writers choose to address it, solving the Knight and Palmer dilemma in NCIS season 22 will be crucial. Whether through long-distance love or a bold new beginning, the resolution must balance the show’s trademark drama with the heartfelt relationships that keep fans invested.

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