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### Every Episode of NCIS: Sydney, Ranked

1. **Episode 7: “Unmasking”**
– The team uncovers a deep conspiracy involving high-ranking officials, leading to shocking revelations.

2. **Episode 5: “Under Siege”**
– A terrorist threat puts the city on high alert, and the NCIS team races against time to prevent disaster.

3. **Episode 10: “Final Reckoning”**
– The season finale delivers intense action and emotional farewells as a key character faces a life-altering decision.

4. **Episode 3: “Ghost Ship”**
– The discovery of a derelict vessel with a mysterious past challenges the team’s investigative skills.

5. **Episode 8: “Crossfire”**
– Personal stakes rise when a team member is caught in a deadly crossfire during a high-risk mission.

6. **Episode 2: “Deep Dive”**
– A thrilling underwater investigation reveals hidden dangers and unexpected alliances.

7. **Episode 9: “Beneath the Surface”**
– Secrets from the past emerge as the team investigates a series of connected murders.

8. **Episode 6: “Code Black”**
– A hacker infiltrates naval systems, leading to a tense standoff and a test of the team’s cyber skills.

9. **Episode 4: “Outback Justice”**
– The team ventures into the rugged outback to solve a case involving missing military personnel.

10. **Episode 1: “Harbor of Secrets”**
– The series premiere sets the stage with a gripping case and introduces the dynamic new team.

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