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**Is Katrina Law Leaving NCIS After Season 21?**
The NCIS Season 21 finale left fans on edge with a cliffhanger surrounding Katrina Law’s character, Jessica Knight. Introduced in Season 18 and a core member since Season 19, Knight faces a pivotal career choice in the finale.

During a surprise encounter with Director Leon Vance and Mr. Brian Mooney, Knight receives an unexpected offer to replace Mooney as Chief REACT Training Officer at Camp Pendleton. Despite initial hesitation, Knight eventually accepts the position she applied for years ago, marking a significant departure from the main NCIS team.

**Will Katrina Law Return as Jessica Knight in NCIS Season 22?**
While Law’s return in NCIS Season 22 remains uncertain, showrunner Steven D. Binder hinted at the show’s unpredictable nature regarding character exits and returns. Binder emphasized that NCIS aims to satisfy its audience with compelling storylines, leaving Knight’s future open-ended.

In an interview with TV Line, Law echoed the mystery surrounding her character’s fate, teasing that fans will have to wait until the new season premieres for answers.

For more updates on NCIS Season 22 and Katrina Law’s role as Jessica Knight, stay tuned.

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