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It’s a shame to see the first promising couple’s relationship potentially falling apart so soon.

With several months left until NCIS season 22 hits the screens, anticipation is mixed with sadness and foreboding for the show’s beloved couple.

The latest season finale saw Jessica Knight achieving her biggest dream by accepting a job offer in California, a move that will force her to make a tough decision. Leaving the MCRT means risking her blossoming relationship with colleague Jimmy Palmer, a choice that has fans divided between Jessica’s career success and personal happiness.

The potential breakup is particularly devastating because Jessica and Jimmy are the healthiest couple on the show, surpassing even popular pairings from past seasons.

The upcoming season’s possible heartbreaking plot twists might remind fans of another couple whose relationship ended when one character left the team. In NCIS season 18, Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres broke up after Ellie was accused of leaking NSA documents and took a new job as an undercover agent. Although their breakup was due to a similar reason, Ellie and Nick’s story isn’t as tragic as the likely end of Jessica and Jimmy’s romance.

When Jessica and Jimmy first met, their chemistry was evident, though they initially denied it and claimed to be just friends. Their slow-burning romance deepened over time, forming a bond stronger than the often chaotic relationships of other NCIS couples. If Jessica and Jimmy do break up, it will be another blow to Jimmy, who has repeatedly faced heartbreak and farewells.

Despite the high chances of their relationship being ruined by Jessica’s departure from the MCRT, fans remain hopeful that technology will help them maintain a long-distance relationship through constant video calls.

NCIS returns to CBS with season 22 this fall.

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