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Wilmer Valderrama Envisions Dramatic Exit for NCIS’ Nick Torres

Wilmer Valderrama has given considerable thought to how his character, Special Agent Nick Torres, should exit NCIS when the time comes.

“Like Denzel Washington in TRAINING DAY — just go out,” Valderrama said, referencing the 2001 film where Washington’s character dies in a gunfight.

“Of course, I’d like to die as a good guy,” Valderrama explained. “But defending my family somehow, just in a storm of bullets, heroically with violins in the background and pouring rain.”

As the NCIS franchise approaches 1,000 episodes, Valderrama reflected on the show’s journey and its enduring relevance.

“It’s crazy to be part of this milestone,” Valderrama told CBS News. “You’ve got to pay tribute to the original cast, starting with Mark Harmon from JAG. Those final JAG episodes served as a semi-pilot for NCIS. Mark Harmon created something unique, and now it’s one of the most recognizable shows on television. A thousand episodes later, it’s still the number one show.”

Honoring real-life NCIS agents is crucial for Valderrama. The show’s motto, “serving those who protect and protecting those who serve,” resonates deeply with him. He acknowledges that real-life agents deserve much more credit than he does.

Valderrama isn’t planning to leave NCIS anytime soon—he’s set to return for the show’s 22nd season. However, he has exciting projects on the horizon, including a ZORRO adaptation for Disney, in which he will star and serve as executive producer.

“Growing up, Zorro was the one character that made me, as a Latino, feel like I could be a hero,” he said. “Partnering with Disney to bring Zorro back after 60 years and being part of that legacy for other children is a dream come true.”

Valderrama has also written his first book, a memoir titled “An American Story: Everyone’s Invited,” set to be published on September 17.

“As a little boy in Venezuela, I never thought I’d write a book,” Valderrama said. “This memoir is my thank you to my younger self for seeing beyond the expected, to my family, and everyone who’s been part of this journey. It’s my tribute to the country that gave me a shot. This is for all of us.”

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