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NCIS Season 22: Major Shake-Up Ahead After Jessica Knight’s Departure

Get ready for a fresh twist in NCIS! With Jessica Knight leaving the MCRT after Season 21, speculation runs wild about who will step into her shoes. The show’s upcoming season promises a new leader and a revamped team dynamic, leaving fans eager for more details.

As the series gears up for its next chapter, viewers are left wondering how this change will impact the seasoned agents, who have worked under leaders like Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Alden Parker. With Gibbs retired and a younger version set to return in a spinoff, all eyes are on Parker as he navigates new leadership challenges.

While fans speculate on potential replacements from the NCIS universe or entirely new characters, one thing is clear: NCIS Season 22 is set to premiere on CBS this fall, promising an exciting journey ahead for the beloved series.

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