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Major NCIS Finale Spoilers!

Katrina Law, reflecting on the NCIS Season 21 finale “Reef Madness,” shares it’s one of her career highlights. The emotional depth resonated with her character, Special Agent Jessica Knight, especially amid a heart-wrenching breakup with Chief Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen). The aftermath unfolded on an iconic JAG set in Southern California, heightening the drama.

Law praised co-star Gary Cole’s intense performance, revealing genuine concern for his well-being during pivotal scenes. Parker’s mysterious hallucinations added layers to the storyline, leaving viewers speculating about his hidden past. Law’s underwater heroics, filmed in a specially-built tank, underscored Knight’s determination.

Looking ahead to Season 22, Law hints at potential twists for Knight, whether she’ll embrace a new job in California or return to her NCIS family. The suspense continues as fans eagerly await the next chapter.

For exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and more, watch the video and stay tuned for NCIS Season 22, airing Fall 2024 on CBS.

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